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When purchasing a lawn levelling tool, you need to be confident that what you are buying is of excellent quality, will be suitable for your chosen job and other future projects and is hard wearing and reliable. Whether you need to level a small area of lawn in your garden or a large sports ground, you need a tool that does the job well.

The Lawn Level is a heavy duty designed gardening tool, with quality stainless steel construction which is securely double welded and does not rust.

This ensures this piece of gardening equipment does an excellent job whatever the chosen task.

It has multiple functions such as distributing topsoil and fertiliser, distributing plant seeds evenly,  breaking up clods of dirt and sand, and levelling various grades of gravel.

It can be used both outdoors in gardens, on driveways, patios, courtyards, backyards, golf courses and sports venues, and indoors on artificial turf.

Suitable for both the amateur garden and professional landscapers.

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Looking to make your lawn and garden the envy of your friends and neighbors? We have the perfect garden tool for you.


Our hand-crafted lawn leveller helps you to attain the very best results. Stainless steel, heavy duty design with quality construction.


Levelling your lawn, garden, driveway, playground or golf course is a breeze with our handy landscaping tool. Lightweight and easy for everyone to use, at home or in a professional capacity on golf courses or sports centres.

Thoughtful Design

Ergonomic design for efficiency and comfort whilst working, ensuring any job is as easy as possible. This professional landscape leveling tool takes the strain, rather than your back.

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Lawn Leveller Rake Tool

Why Use our Lawn Leveller?

Our level lawn tool makes spreading and leveling the soil under your new turf, a much easier job, and a smooth and stunning result can be achieved without the back breaking work normally involved. Existing turf can be leveled by distributing topsoil and fertilizer over the grass to reduce those annoying bumps and mounds on your lawn.

Designed to handle every job, including the tougher spreading jobs, this landscape leveling rake is made from premium quality, hardwearing non-rusting stainless steel.  The main plate is strongly braced at either end for additional strength. The three inner bars are open at the top to enable catching of any small stones in the topsoil dressing. The front and rear bars are angled to remove any excess material.

The hardwearing, lightweight, yet strong design of this lawn leveler makes it ideal for spreading screened topsoil, breaking up heavy earth and spreading piles of material including sand, gravel and pebbles.

Using a simple back and forth motion makes our lawn leveling tool easy to us, therefore expanding less energy. It uniformly distributes top dressing materials on small or larger areas. It spreads materials such as sand and gravel, removes stones from soil, breaks up small clods of sand or loam and smooths soil for planting.

A professional gardening tool available for all types of gardening and landscaping work,  and at an excellent price point.