Level Lawn Leveling Rake 77cm | 92cm Yard Leveler Tool

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Your lawn maintenance, gardening and home projects just got easier with our Lawn Leveler Rake!

Well designed & efficient to use Level Lawn Tool, for time & labour saving work and long term use.

Multi-purpose Topsoil Levelling Tool for distribution of compost, soil, sand & gravel.

Lawn Level Rake is also used for driveways, yard work, farming, building projects, golf courses & sports complexes

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Lawn Levelling Rake Tool for fast and efficient spreading and grading of compost, topsoil, sand & gravel.

Level your yard or lawn quickly and easily with our professional Level Lawn Rake with 2 sizes of ground plate (77cm / 92cm).

The Level Lawn evenly spreads top dressing material on any type of grass, ensuring lawn maintenance is now so much faster & efficient with the professional grade lawn leveler.

Our lawn leveling rake Canada provides manoeuvrability, mobility, and functionality. Saving your valuable time and avoiding backache and strain.

The Lawn Leveling Rake is constructed of Anti-Rust and Anti Corrosive Stainless Steel with double spot welding. This high quality stainless steel not only makes our lawn level rake look great, it gives it strength and durability. As stainless steel is low maintenance and is resistant to oxidation and staining, it makes it an ideal material for prolonged outdoor use, and if you leave it outside by mistake, it will still look as good as new whatever weather it has endured. Our Lawn Leveller is therefore built to withstand many years of use in your gardens and outdoor facilities.

Specifically designed for Spartan Lawn Leveler Canada, the level lawn is Handmade for Quality and Durability. Made to endure the toughest of projects.

Our unique locking pin design system for our soil leveler ground plate makes assembly / disassembly simple with no tools required. This makes it so much easier to store. Simple assembly / disassembly instructions included.

Landscape  Level Rake is the ideal tool for amateur gardeners, professional landscapers and many smaller scale building projects. Used by greenskeepers and sports facilities worldwide on both natural and artificial grass.

Order our Level Lawn soil levelling tool online today with our Guaranteed Safe Checkout and our Buyer Protection.

We pride ourselves in our Customer Service, so please do not hesitate in contacting us with any questions or concerns.


The lawn levelling rake is the fast and efficient way to spread and level the ground when laying new sod for a smooth and stunning result, and when topdressing your lawn for a professional finish. 

The lawn leveler is designed to handle every job, including the tougher spreading jobs. The head is made from top quality, hardwearing non-rusting stainless steel which is strongly braced at each end for additional strength. The 2 section handle has 2 bolts to secure it for exceptional strength and stability and now rotates 90 degrees for additional reach. 

It is ideal for use by amateur gardeners and professional landscapers, on artificial turf and on sports pitches or golf courses. For those of us who have DIY projects such as laying a new patio, or building a storage shed, the level lawn is perfect for leveling the base area.

The durable, lightweight, yet strong design of this leveling rake makes it ideal for spreading screened topsoil, breaking up heavy soil and distributing sand, fertiliser and gravel. The front and rear bars are angled to remove any excess material. 

So easy to use the level rake with a back and forth motion, which evenly distributes top dressing materials on any area. It distributes various grades of gravel, removes debris from soil, breaks up small clods of sand or fertiliser and smooths soil for planting.

The Level Lawn has been specifically designed for multipurpose use and is a valuable resource in everything from general gardening and lawn maintenance to renovation and other home projects. 

Additional information

Select Size

92cm (36"), 77cm (30")


Stainless Steel




77cm, 92cm






3.6Kg, 4kg

Handle Material

Stainless Steel

Handle Length

142cm, 173cm

Handle Construction

2 Piece Stainless Steel (Double Bolted for Ultimate Stability)

Handle Rotation

Up to 180° For Longer Reach

Locking Mechanism

Locking Pin



Age Group



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23 reviews for Level Lawn Leveling Rake 77cm | 92cm Yard Leveler Tool

  1. Vincent Chueng – North York, ON

    Got to be the most amazing lawn rake I have ever used. Without exerting too much energy on my part, I have managed to spread a new layer of gravel over my driveway and evenly distributed fertiliser and topsoil over my back lawn, which is already showing great results.

  2. Garupdesh Tamarizt – Ontario

    Spent ages looking for a reliable and well built lawn level rake! Its metal to metal connection instead of wood to metal means it is not going to fail (torque and stress on wood to metal). Got to say, this one was worth the wait. Recommend to anyone, buy it now!

  3. Stephan Maturine – Gatineau, QB

    Very nice lawn levelling rake. It’s very well built, awesome price, sturdy and certainly does the job.

  4. Tak Chan – Mississauga, ON

    Solid product, certainty gets the job done at my cottage. I bought it mainly for landscaping and extending the driveway before summer.

  5. Andre Pellitier – Prevost, QB

    This is MUCH more effective than a regular rake. Well worth the purchase price.

  6. Kenneth Cornect – Vancouver, BC

    This rake is even more useful than I had expected. The handle rotation allows you an extremely long reach between bushes and plants and is perfect for spreading soil and compost on flower beds. Extremely strong and durable, and also comfortable to use.

  7. Farah Dhaliwal – Sherwood Park, AB

    Sturdy, functional and easy to use. Great tool.

  8. Jerry Manchin – Markham, Ontario

    Very strong and incredibly well-designed. Comfortable to use and utilitarian. I’ve given this lawn levelling rake a real workout and found it a pleasure to use!

  9. Derrick Honsberger – Milton, ON

    This is a must have in your tool shed if you have a gravel driveway or a large piece of property to maintain. My lawn levelling rake is so efficient and easy to use. Already saved me hours of back breaking work.

  10. Manny Panopalis – Delta, BC

    I was very pleased with the overall quality of my lawn leveller.
    The length of the pole and angle rotation of the handle is extremely advantageous whilst working on my lawn, as I can easily and efficiently use it to spread compost over a large area. It allowed me to get good leverage even at distance. Even though I have only used this tool for work on own yard, it could easily be used in a more professional capacity. This is a garden tool built to last and I am sure I will be using it for many seasons to come.

  11. Emanuel Vigneault – Montreal, QB

    The Spartan leveling tool makes such a difference! It does the work breaking up and leveling the topsoil, removing rocks and debris, while also pushing the soil to the root base of the grass and not tearing up the grass.

  12. Azaria Trkulji – Surrey, BC

    Solid lawn leveling rake, built to last. Easy to use and does a great job.

  13. Louis Belgrave – Abbotsford, BC

    Very impressed with speedy delivery, quality and design.
    Definitely improved my gardening experience. Thanks!

  14. Rachael Curran – Thunder Bay, ON

    Feels really sturdy when in use and the Pro 30 is the ideal size for a woman to use.

  15. Ethan Goldsmith – York, ON

    Cannot fault the product, but shipping was a little longer than I expected. Should have read the shipping times! Contacted customer service and they were extremely helpful providing me with updates. It did only take 6 days to arrive, as they shipped same day as I ordered, so perfect for my planned yard work.

  16. Lowell Jackson – Ottawa, ON

    Simple to use website and easy ordering. Lawn level arrived within 6 days, so perfect timing for my schedule. Been using now for almost 2 months most weekends and still a pleasure to use.

  17. Aj Romanelli – Richmond, BC

    Ι think this is one of the best pieces of gardening equipment I now own. It has been invaluable for topdressing my lawn for Spring and saved a great deal of time and effort in levelling the ground for my new storage shed.

  18. Bonita Caron – Sherbrooke, Quebec

    I am so pleased with this lawn level rake, having bought it for my husband for general lawn maintenance. He has spent the last few years struggling with a regular garden rake. Our lawn now looks like it is cared for by professionals, and he is thrilled!

  19. Mikel Teigrob – Regina SK

    Arrived very well packed and super easy to assemble. Feels very solid and a pleasure to use.

  20. Cayle Chaykin – Belfast, PE

    Shipped and arrived very quickly. Incredibly well made and strong. Simple and easy to use.

  21. Grayson Trembley – Toronto

    Researched the heck out of this product as I wanted to make sure what I bought was not only up to the task in hand, but would last for many years. It was certainly worth the effort, as this Spartan lawn levelling rake is everything I required. Top quality stainless steel and build, and easy to use, whether I am spreading topsoil over my lawn or reapplying gravel to my driveway. I purchased in May of last year so have had plenty of time to put it to good use!

  22. Isaac Lederman – Delta, BC

    An impressive heavy duty gardening tool. Already put it to excellent use preparing my new driveway and topdressing my lawn ready for the growing season.

  23. Carin Kim – Cochrane, AB

    An extremely useful addition to my gardening tools and very good value for your dollar.

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Level Lawn Leveling Rake 77cm | 92cm Yard Leveler Tool
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